Revenge Talk!

I can’t stop thinking about Revenge and what is in story for this show! That there are only 3 episodes left anything could happen. I read that someone is going to die! Not again! Who do you think it could be? Also, I heard something happens to someone and it makes Jack and Emily closer. Does this really mean Sammy is passing away?! ;(

I am devastated that Sammy is dying well if he really is. Then again that dog is super old must be at least 20. Its sad and then again I’m glad he did spend time with Emily and she did comeback for him!(: I am excited for Jack and Emily to become closer.

That Daniel chose his last name instead of telling the truth he is now on Emily’s revenge list. Do you think Daniel is doing this to get the truth or a plot he is going to have against his dad? So many different directions could happen from this, but we will have to watch and see exactly what happens.

I am looking forward to Emily kicking some more ass. Especially the guy who killed her father. I can’t wait for that. The next episode is a flashback as how Amanda got all her information and how she got to where she is now. I’m really looking forward to this episode. What do you think will happen?



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