Person of Interest S1E21- Many Happy Returns

What an amazing episode. One of my favorite episodes. Not only did we see what really happened to Jessica, the one that got away from Reese, but also the number hit close to home for Reese.

We finally figured out what happened to Jessica and Reese wasn’t able to protect her. He sort of think it’s his fault, maybe if he told her to wait she will still be here. As Carter is learning something about Reese and more about his back story. I’m glad she got an idea what Reese life was like before all this.

The number was a lady who was running away from her husband because he abused her. Just like Jessica’s husband abused her. Reese got rid of the husband, but had this look on his face that I haven’t seen before. He was determined to let the lady live. He couldn’t save Jessica but can save this girl.

Seeing Reese in the flashbacks was devastating. He was so heartbroken. I’m glad that Carter did get rid of the files that will not connect Reese to Jessica’s husband. I kind of wish that it wasn’t Jessica that died and it was someone else and she is in hiding, but Reese has no idea about that.

I hope next week we actually see Reese’s ex partner. I kind of wanted the episode to pick up were it left off. Guess we gotta wait a bit longer for that. What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it?


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