The Big Bang Theory S5E23- The Launch Acceleration

The episode before the big finale which will air next Thursday night. It was a bittersweet moment for me. The episode was good, had lots of funny parts. I was laughing a lot, but the only thing I didn’t like was that it didn’t really come together. I loved that they focused on all three relationships.

The Amy and Sheldon date was hilarious. Amy is good and got Sheldon to start falling for her. I never seen this side of Sheldon and I like it. Sheldon doesn’t like it, but isn’t doing anything about it. I loved when Sheldon and Leonard were talking about girl problems. Leonard screwed up as for Sheldon he just didn’t want a girl to do things for him.

Now to Leonard and penny. I loved when he brought over the air. One of the funniest moments. Of course Leonard says something he shouldn’t when their in bed. This tops the I love you, he says will you marry me. After that scene I thought they will be done and was mad about it. They just got back together and we barely saw them together this whole season. I’m glad they didn’t break up and still together.

Now to Bernadette and Howard. I never seen Howard be this scared about going to space especially that he always bragged about going to space. Howard finally meets Bernadette’s dad, well actually we do. I thought it was funny that her dad wanted him to go so if he doesn’t come back Bernadette will be okay. I know the wedding is next week. Do you think they will actually go through the wedding?!

I feel really bad for Raj. He really needs to find a girl. Always left out, he needs to start talking to girls sober and I think that should be a focus for next season. What did you think of the episode?


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