Can’t Get Enough

The two shows that I can’t get enough of are scandal and revenge! Both shows are totally opposite of each other, but both have amazing writers and the actors are phenomenal. I just started watching Revenge and I couldn’t even stop watching that it was that good. Scandal only has 7 episodes this season and I’m already blown away.

The thing I love about Revenge is that Emily VanCamp. Not only is she great at playing Emily, but her face expressions are just amazing. They blow me away. The only time I seen someone with great expressions are Julianna marguillies. The whole storyline I love and it’s so different and new.

On Scandal it’s just brilliant. The characters and storyline is great. I’m at the edge of my seat to see what happens next. I love the mystery and the ban stories on every single one that works for Olivia Pope.

These two shows are both freshmen shows and both automatically my favorite shows! Both blow me away and both keep me at the edge of my seat. Once I figure something they go a different direction and it becomes a huge shocker. To me I feel like its a movie but a show which I love. If you like these kinds of shows then you should definitely watch these two shows!


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