The Good Wife Season 3 Finale!

What a finale. The Good Wife never fails its expectations. The only thing I would critique about the episode is if it was a 2 hour season finale, it would have been great. All the storylines from the finale were great. A lot of the scenes I laughed from being awkward to most scenes with Louis Canning.  The first scene was where we left off last episode and that was Kalinda and Alicia having a drink together. I was so happy that we finally get this scene back, but it was so awkward. I’m so happy they are finally being honest with one another, well Kalinda is and I think it’s a big step for these ladies.

Lockhart/Gardner won a 25 million dollar case against Canning and pay off their balloon bills. Next thing we know the dream team is in to stop the parade. Will’s face when he heard Patty’s voice was priceless. As crazy as this may sound I hope in season 4 Patty and Canning team up on cases more often. They are great together.

My favorite scene was definitely the awkward moment by the elevator. First Will and Peter in the elevator cracked me up. Awkward was screaming through my tv screen and I loved every minute of it. Then I died when Alicia was standing there waiting for Peter. Then Eli decided to join the party and so did Cary, but my favorite part was when Eli told Kalinda that they were having a party elevator for her. Then the new intern drove by. That was best scene of the season.

I was terrified for Alicia when she got that phone call from Kalinda’s husband. I just knew it was him, but didn’t expect him to know who Alicia was. I was so happy that Kalinda decided to stay and fight her battle instead of running away. To me, Kalinda is a great friend she wouldn’t let anything happen to Alicia and once she found Alicia could be in trouble she went in a different mode. They are still casting for Kalinda’s husband, who do you want her husband to be? We finally get some Will/Alicia time, well moment. I loved it. You can tell there still is tension between them and I just want them together.

Diane was right on to settle the charges as their top client went to Canning and Patty. Another season has come to an end, what will next season be all about? We will know more about Kalinda’s storyline and I think it will be a good arc for the season, also with Peter running for Governor. What did you think of the Finale?


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