Once Upon A Time S1E20- The Stranger

We all have been waiting for this episode. I guess I was more than a lot of people. Not only did we finally find out that August is Pinocchio, but also what he put in the book and why he redid the book a couples episodes back. For a couple of weeks now we kind of had the clues that he was Pinocchio and I have been saying he is, but there has to be a twist.

One thing I want to know is how did Mr. Gold figured out that August was Pinocchio. Did I miss something in last episode?! I know Mr. Gold is always two steps ahead of everyone else, but I really want to know how he figures everything out. It was the first time August came face to face with his father and he was super nervous.

Mr. Gold helps him out by not taking on the case for Emma getting her son back, is it because he already knows she will lose and knows exactly how everything will turn out?! I have a feeling he already does. Will Mr. Gold see his son before Emma saves everyone?

Mary Margaret/Snow kicked ass tonight. Even though we barely had scenes with her, I still think the two scenes she had were amazing. Not only did she forgive Regina in this life for what she did, but don’t forget she also forgave her in fairytale life. To me that is remarkable. One of my favorite scenes though was when Mary Margaret and Emma had that talk. It was so sweet and I was in awe a mother talking to her daughter in a place they don’t really know that.

In Fairytale world, Gepetto will do anything to keep his little boy human and does the unthinkable. Puts Pinocchio to watch over baby Emma and of course once he is in the other world he leaves her and that was a bad move for Gepetto to do especially that he now puts everyone in jeopardy.

In Storybrooke, August is trying to convince Emma that she has to save the town and be the savior. I know people are mad that Emma does not believe, but honestly I think it’s a smart move the writers are doing. Emma can’t believe now or there won’t be a lot of seasons. That she doesn’t believe she can’t see the wooden leg that is on August. He is turning in a wooden toy and needs magic to stay human.

The story added in the book was Pinocchio’s story and that was so Henry could figure it out. Also, the whole Regina thing is sick she is psycho and will do anything to try and destroy Snow. Loved that Henry stood up to her and told her the truth and that Good will win. Everyone says that Emma is supposed to save the town and the people and be the savior, for me I believe that Henry is the true savior and he will get Emma to believe and know what to do. What do you think about that? Do you think Emma is the savior?

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? Only 1 more episode before the season finale airs. Here’s the promo for Next Sunday!


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