Tonight- The Good Wife

Tonight is the season finale of The Good Wife! It’s a bittersweet moment. I’m super excited for this episode, but super sad that it’s already the end of season 3. In this episode Kalinda is in danger who I think is her husband, but we won’t see him because the writers are still looking for the actor. Her past finally comes in speeding force. I’m guessing next season this will be the storyline for her. If it is then Lana needs to be in the show more often. I know Jill flint is on Royal Pains, but should at least try and get her on the show.

Now I want to know is this the episode that Cary and Kalinda kiss?! Do you think it is? How will it happen? And from last week Alicia and Kalinda better have that drink when the show starts. I’ve been dying all season for that moment.

My favorite person is back and that’s Canning and can’t wait to have him back. He is joining forces with Patty to destroy Lockhart/Gardner. Do you think this will happen? How will it go down? I have a feeling it will get ugly.



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