Follow Your Dreams!

We all have that odd dream and think its only a dream, but deep down we want it to come true someday. Sometimes we forget about that dream and focus on other things. When we forget it’s a bummer, but if we write it down we will never forget. Writing down what our dreams/goals are and how we can/will achieve them. To me dreams and goals are two different things. Some people think their goals are their dreams. To me, dreams are something I want to come true and a goal to having a plan to achieve that goal.

Dreams can be crazy and some realistic, but they are all dreams that we want to come true someday. No matter how crazy that dream is, never stop believing that someday you will achieve it. It can be from meeting your idol to having a successful business to becoming the best lawyer put there. Have those dreams and never stop dreaming.

We sometimes forget what our dream is and what kind of career we want to go into, especially that we always have someone in our ears telling us what to do with our lives and where we should be at. When you have someone that does that shut them out because they will only be negative about everything you do. Sometimes though we get so deep into the career we don’t want to be in, but do it for our loved ones. This happened to me for 3 years. When I was in high school I wanted to be a pediatrician to make everyone happy, but once I got into college I realized I didn’t like biology and don’t want to take it for the rest of my life.

At times I felt that I had to go into the medical died to not disappoint my family. I found out later that I only had to please myself and why would I go into something and hate waking up to go to work. After 3 years I realized I didn’t want to go into the medical field and started looking into careers of all sorts. I didn’t care for how much money I was going to get, I wanted something that would make me happy. After doing this for so long I finally found what I wanted to go into and couldn’t be happier. It didn’t come over night, but once I found it I knew it was for me. Now I have something to look forward to.

You never know what you enjoy until you try it. Once you do you might actually love it. So instead of saying you can’t or I don’t like it try before assuming because you never know. Change is good and always follow your dreams and what your heart is telling you. Even if your back is against the world do it anyways because you never know where it might lead you to. No one knows you best except yourself. Write your dreams down and have goals underneath them to achieve them. It could be a bucket list, it could be anything you want it to be. Don’t just say you want this to come true, make it happen! Go out and find your dreams, they are waiting for you to come true.


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