The Big Bang Theory S5E22- The Stage Convergence

The gang is back with a new episode. We finally get more than one scene of the girls and it was okay. I’m ready for more screen time of Penny and Bernadette. What happened to them working at Cheese Cakefactory?!

Anyways, tonight was all about the bachelor party. It’s so funny how Raj can go from being a total perv to a girly girl. Of course at the bachelor party my favorite scenes were with Sheldon.

“Jeepers I’m drunk!” Sheldon

That’s my favorite line. Sheldon needs to get more drunk and throw more bazingas out there. I loved his speech to Howard. We all knew he was not going to say anything nice that he never does. Raj’s speech was hilarious.

My favorite was when Bernadette picked up the boys and it went from a great night to a nightmare. I loved how Raj tried to get out and Bernadette went crazy on him.

My favorite scene was when Howard apologized to Bernadette from Penny. Who knew Howard would grow up?! I use to really despise Howard in the first couple of seasons, but once he found Bernadette he changed and for the better.

I do with the girls had more screen time instead of boring small scene times. Hopefully there is more of them together and it actually be funny. What did you think of the episode?


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