The Good Wife S3E21- The Penalty Box

Amazing episode, each scene was just brilliant. I don’t even know where to begin. So Cary is back with the firm and Will is still upset with what happened. There was no Mike or even talk about the Governor position (which I think we won’t hear about in the finale also, think the main storyline for season 4 is going be on that!)

The storyline on the case this week was different and I liked it a lot. Diane put her foot down on the judge and had him play by her rules. This season Diane has been amazing and needs an award. Alicia questioned what she does is for the right reasons or for the wrong reasons, even in lawyer rules a win is a win.

The whole Kalinda storyline is great; I did read some people think it’s going by too fast and it’s being rushed. I don’t think it is and think it’s going at a good pace especially that Kalinda is that type of person. Bishop has threatened Kalinda and she could get killed if Lana doesn’t stop what she is doing, but I don’t think Lana know how much danger Kalinda is in now and won’t realize until Kalinda is in trouble and Lana will save her. The scene between these two was steamy. Then when Kalinda told Lana that she was going to get her killed gave me chills. Her face expression was so touching and she finally let those walls go. It was the first time we saw Kalinda like this and wish Lana saw that.

I thought it was an amazing episode, what did you think? I think that in the future The Good Wife needs to have 2 hour season finales, one hour is just not enough! I love Jill Flint and even though she is on Royal Pains, I do hope they bring her back more often in season 4 instead of waiting the last episode before the finale.


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