Once Upon A Time S1E19- The Return

Finally we get a new episode and I can say it didn’t disappoint. So much happened and every minute was a gasp from August getting caught being in Mr. Gold’s office to Mr. Gold saying he has only broken one deal in his whole life to figuring out why Rumplestiltskin did the curse in the first place.

Let’s start off with August being on the phone, were guessing it was Henry that the next scene they were together, but I have a feeling it was someone else. Do you think it could actually be Bae? This may sound weird, but as I watch each episode I like Mr. Gold little more each time. He has grown on me and his character is opening up little by little, but also has this edge towards him.

In Fairytale world, Bae makes a deal with his father if Bae finds a way to get his father back and get rid of Rumplestiltskin then Rumplestiltskin will do it. Bae goes to a fairy and asks how to get rid of it and she gives him the last magic bean which will take him to a different world that doesn’t have magic. Rumplestiltskin, I believe, made the deal thinking Bae will never find a way and once he did he backed out. Not only did he lose his son, but also I feel like he lost part of himself too. This is when he finds out he can have his son back if he does a curse and now it makes sense as to why he agreed to Storybrooke for Regina.

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is free and has a house warming everyone is happy to see her back. David tells her that the set up was a good one and I hate that David is a coward, wish he would just stop doing all this, but its part of the curse. I do think they will find a way and they both or at least David remembers who he is and stays with Mary Margaret. August is still a mystery and I watched the episode twice and if you remember a couple episodes back he told Emma he never lies and when he was with Mr. Gold in the woods, you notice he never really says anything except Papa so he didn’t lie.

Mr. Gold goes and digs out the knife and of course that is what he was digging up so Regina doesn’t find it. I still think that August is Pinocchio and that he doesn’t have that much time, I think when he went to talk to the fairies and came to this world he had a time frame and little by little he would turn into a wooden toy again if he didn’t make it to the fairytale world again. Regina is a sneaky person and I’m glad that Emma finally stood up to her and getting her son back.

What did you think of the episode? Who do you think August is?


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