The last couple of days I haven’t felt like myself, like something in my life is missing. Seeing everyone in a relationship and being with someone makes me sad. I sometimes wish I wasn’t so busy and could just have someone by my side. It stinks being lonely and sometimes wonder if I will ever find someone for me and not feel so lonely. I know I’m not lonely lonely, I have my family and a couple close friends. I also have the most important person in my life and that’s God!

It does get lonely not having a significant other, especially for 2 years. After the break-up I decided to focus on different things instead of a relationship. Instead focus on school and work and also building a stronger relationship with my family. School became my priority and it still is. I finally know the career path I want to head into and have that figured out.

We all want to find happiness and sometimes it’s so hard to find. I found mine and haven’t felt this happy in a very longtime. It took a while to finally happiness it didn’t happen overnight. Start off by being happy for yourself! Having more than one thing that makes you happy feels unreal. I never thought all these things would make me happy. Once I started to do things that made me happy everything fell into place.

I know I have to be patient and even though I want something now won’t happen. Something better will come along if I just wait. If you want to start being happy make changes in your life, do what makes you happy, and never look down on yourself! Always be confident, even when your not.


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