Moving On!

All relationships have struggles, some worth the fight and some time to let go! When do we know the relationship really know isn’t worth the fight anymore? Do we ever really know when to let go? Do we hold on for the wrong reasons and not the right reasons? When we get in a relationship after a month or two we are comfortable, sometimes too comfortable and don’t realize what we do. We get scared of what will happen when we end things and keep holding on for the wrong reasons.

Sometimes in relationships we just want to find happiness from that person and we don’t. You can never find your happiness in someone else, it’s never true happiness. What if you break-up with that person, does that mean your happiness goes with that person? Never depend on someone to find happiness it will never turn out right. Find happiness within yourself first! If you’re in a relationship with someone and can’t leave them because you think you will never be happy, think again because you will! It is comforting when we have someone by our side, but should never be for the wrong reason. Once you find your happiness and are truly happy where you are in your life, someone will come into your life and will never change your happiness, it will just grow.

I’ve been single for almost 2 years now and can honestly say I haven’t been happier in my life. I always thought I would be miserable and not really be happy. I always tried to find happiness from someone, anyone who I was close with. That’s when I realized that I will never be happy because everyone will walk out of my life. I was stuck and didn’t know where to even begin to be happy. After 2 years and building everything in my life and putting the pieces together I found my happiness.

Before ending a relationship makes sure that is exactly what you want, you never want to regret it or always going back to that person. It’s your decision on what you want to do. Sometimes you have to think of yourself than think of others. Think of your happiness before thinking of someone else’s. It’s tough to let go, I can guarantee you it won’t come tomorrow or the next day, it’s a healing process and everyone is different, but you will one day be able to move on and be happy. Never give up on yourself. They always say you have to let it rain to see the rainbow.


One response to “Moving On!”

  1. Alex says :

    This is precisely what I needed to read. I’m currently going through a breakup. It sucks. We both love one another, but we are at an impasse. Kids. She wants em, I don’t… So, there’s that.

    Anyway, this made me feel better.

    Thank you! Keep it up!

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