I just wanted to update on things that have been happening in my life. I have been super busy the past couple of weeks, that school is almost over (2 more weeks:D) and that means crunch time. I am super excited for summer and not taking any summer classes this year. Well I never really do. I’ve been working on my days off which I will hopefully be having in 2 weeks.

I do have a field trip for one of my classes coming up, I will take pictures and post some of them. Even though the field trip is going to see a whole bunch of rocks. I’m not very excited that I have to wake up super early to go, but then again glad I have a day off!

I’m ready for changes in my life and will be making a lot of changes. One of them is cutting my hair, yes I’m chopping my hair off and highlighting it. It is my first time highlighting it, but not the first cutting it. I cut my hair every year around this time, right when it starts to get warm I let go of my hair. I’m scared for this change, but I’m also excited. I am terrified if my highlights turn really ugly and I just look bad with them or if my hair is too short and looks bad, but I know that my hair will grow back out so I’m not too worried about it.


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