The Big Bang Theory S5E21- The Hawking Excitation

This episode of the TBBT was funny, but for some odd reason I didn’t see it hilarious. I guess I didn’t because I didn’t really like that the guys were being really mean to Sheldon and bullying him. Yes I know Sheldon bullies them all the time, but there is a different if you don’t even know it. That Sheldon doesn’t see how he is being mean and no one really explains it to him then he wouldn’t know. I didn’t like that Howard kept going on with it and thinking it is funny because it wasn’t.

Stephan Hawking was a guest star on the show and Sheldon wanted to meet him so bad and Howard doesn’t want him to. Howard is the mechanic for his wheel chair that Hawking is visiting the place they work at. Howard torments Sheldon to do things and at first it is funny, but not funny after a while. Bernadette tells Howard to quit it after Sheldon goes shopping with his mother. Sheldon does meet Hawking, his idol, and Howard does give his paper to Hawking. Sheldon made a mistake and faints when he realizes he made a mistake and give it to Hawking.

One thing I haven’t liked the last couple of episodes is the lack of Penny and Amy. Penny just hasn’t been in the episodes at all except maybe one scene that is 10 seconds long. Amy on the other hand has been MIA the last 2 episodes. I want a Penny/Sheldon bonding like in season 3 and 4.

What did you think of the episode? There is no new episodes for the next couple of weeks.


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