Person of Interest S1E19- Flesh and Blood

What an amazing episode! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. One of the best new drama series I have watched. I’m obsessed with this show. This episode was about one mafia against another mafia; it was going to turn very ugly. The ending was very sad for me, I didn’t see it coming. I will talk about that later.

Let’s begin with Finch and Reese, 5 numbers came up this week and was on a mafia in danger and of course it has to do with Elias. Just as soon as we thought Elias was doing his own thing, he comes back to swing and won’t stop until he concurs. He took upon to get help from HR (the bad cops), later we find out he was just using them and later will have their families in danger. I’m glad Finch went the extra mile to help the mafia and just save everyone. Also, love that the corrupt cops went and helped Finch and backed out of Elias.

Carter is still ignoring Finch and Reese and won’t answer their phone calls. The only person she could trust is Fusco, even though she doesn’t know that he is a dirty cop. I’m so happy that Reese figured out that Elias was going to kidnap Carter’s kid. It was one tough episode to watch, especially seeing Carter so hurt, but still having faith in the guys. I’m glad she finally got a chance to trust the guys again that they saved her kid. Seeing that Reese not only got her kid, Elias dad, but also Elias got arrested. It was one epic episode. I didn’t expect all this happen in one episode.

I really hope Fusco does go back to the good guys. I really want Fusco and Carter to know that they are on the same team. Even though I want Fusco to be a good guy, I still want him to do the dirty work so he could get insight dirt on what HR wants Reese. In the end we see Elias going to his cell on the phone with his father saying I’m sad I couldn’t see it and next thing the car gets blown up and kills his own father.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Carter is back on the team or is she still iffy about it?


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