Once Upon A Time S1E18- The Stable Boy

What a great episode! Seeing how Regina turned into the evil queen. This episode when they were in Fairytale world, I actually liked Regina. Cora, Regina’s mother, was the Evil and can see how Regina turned into her. The thing I don’t understand is why Regina blames Snow for killing her love because it was actually Cora who killed her and manipulated Snow.

Let’s talk about what is going on in Storybrooke and the whole Mary Margaret and the DA. Of course the DA is none other than Charming’s father, that he hates Snow just as much as Regina does. Like in my last review, I believe Mr. Gold is playing Regina. He is tricking Regina into thinking he’s on her side, but really is on Emma’s side and in the end Regina will be screwed.

So August is helping out Emma and we still no nothing about him. After tonight’s episode, I think he might be Pinocchio. There are so many signs that he is; one is when his chin splits when he is with Emma to look at the evidence place again. The second is when he told Emma he is not a liar. For some odd reason I still have a feeling he’s Rumples kid. Who do you think August is?

Katherine is found by Ruby in the parking lot. Where has she been? I do believe Mr. Gold has done his magic and got her back. Something I want to know is what really happens when you try to leave Storybrooke; only Mr. Gold and Regina know as no one else does. I have a feeling next episode will be a Regina and Mr. Gold showdown.

In FairyTale world, Regina is a sweet lady who has no evil in her. Her mother on the other hand is as evil as Regina is now. Cora did say she made so many deals to get all of this, which means she made deals with Rumplestiltskin and probably became evil. Regina saves Snow and after is asked to marry the king and of course Cora manipulated Snow to tell her what is happening and in the end Cora kills Daniel. After that, Regina blames Snow and that’s how the evil queen is born/created and the hatred towards Snow. Mini Snow is adorable and played the part perfectly and hope we see more of her in the future. One thing I do want to see more of is how Regina gets angrier towards Snow.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? What are your thoughts on Regina and Cora? I do think Cora is the queen of hearts. Next new episode is on April 22nd enjoy the promo!


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