The Big Bang Theory S5E20- The Transporter Malfunction

After two weeks of no TBBT we finally get a new episode. I was looking forward to this episode for such a long time that Leonard Nimoy was in the episode, well his voice. The episode was not what I expected and it wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be.

It was about little Spock, Sheldon, and Raj this episode. The Raj part was kind of weird and funny at the same time. Raj is finally sick of being single so he asked for his parents to set him up with someone. His parents first thought it was him coming out of the closet, which I’m not surprised especially how sensitive and how he is. The girl that he is set up with is gay and is doing this for her family. The weird thing is Raj is okay with it that he believes he will never get the chance for someone to marry him. I do want to see how this will lead off to. Also, I want by the end of this season for Raj to finally talk to a girl sober and that girl be Penny that she has known him the longest.

Sheldon was having dreams of little Spock and it was Spock who told him to open the toy and play with it. Of course Sheldon breaks it and then trades it with Leonard’s toy. Leonard and Penny open his toy and see it was broken and Sheldon lied the whole time until telling the truth what happened and gave him his toy, well it’s really Leonard’s toy.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it?!


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