Haven’t Really Been On

I haven’t really been on here blogging about anything, besides shows of course! I’ve been super busy and have so many ideas that will be coming soon. I have forgotten some, but I did get something so I can write everything down and do rough drafts before I just write them on here. I have about 10 things I want to write about and writing them now. I don’t want to just to write them and that’s it. I’ve actually been taking my time on these to make sure they are just right! I write for an hour then go do homework and come back to it afterwards.

I’m finally getting used to this blogging and writing whatever is on my mind. I am seeing how I write and becoming better at writing. One thing that I am figuring out is as much as I want to give advice out to you; I also want to make sure it’s on point and not all over the place. I know I did that before and sometimes just went on and on, but I am working on that. That’s why it is taking me a bit longer to give you topics on what I think about things. A lot of them do come from songs I listen to and articles I read and sometimes quotes I find. It’s my motivation and inspiration to write what I think. Sometimes people don’t say anything because they don’t want to hurt that person, but me, I will tell exactly how I feel even if it will hurt you.

After this week that I have so many tests and homework, I will hopefully post up at least one or two of what I have going on. I have about three done, but just need to proofread and fix them up a bit. Hope you guys keep checking back in for them. Also, once previews or sneak peeks for shows come up I will have them for you!


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