Once Upon A Time S1E17- Hat Trick

What an episode. This was the episode that my jaw was dropped during the episode. Last week’s episode was one of my favorites and didn’t think this week’s would be even better. The episode began right where the episode ended last week and that was Mary Margaret running away.  I had a feeling that it was Regina who put the key there, she’s just so evil. For a minute, I did think Mary Margaret was kidnapped last week.

As Mary Margaret escaped, Emma went to go look for her before 8am the next morning. Emma was kidnapped and got drugged up by Jefferson/Mad Hatter. Jefferson knows who he is and knows he is trapped in Storybrooke. He wants his hat back and only to have the magical hat back, he needs Emma’s help that she is the one who has magic. Does Regina know that Jefferson knows who he is?

In Fairytale world, I just knew the Evil Queen was going to burn Jefferson. I didn’t expect it to be her father who she wanted to get back. Seeing how the Queen was that old lady, I do think that when the curse is broken that how she turns and will be like that forever.

Does Emma starting to think that maybe Henry’s book is real and that everyone trapped? Most importantly does she believe that Mary Margaret is her mother, I mean she did call her family! Which was one of my favorite moments, also when Mary Margaret brought out Snow when she kicked ass.

I do believe that Emma did make that hat magical again and that’s where Jefferson went and now home with his daughter. Do remember that Emma has that hat in her car and maybe later on she goes in there and realizes the magical place.

The last thing I want to talk about is Mr. Gold. Is he working for Regina or is he pretending to work for her and have that upper hand to bring her down? He is always two steps ahead of everyone else. Maybe the price to plant that key and Mary Margaret running away was that she was going to come back and win. I think that Mr. Gold is working with Emma and is plotting against Regina, but the writers are making us think that he is working for Regina. What is your take on this? Do you think Mr. Gold is working for Regina or pretending he is working for her to throw her off her game?

What did you think of this episode? Did you enjoy it? I’m excited for next week’s episode; it’s the episode we all have been waiting for. Why the Evil Queen turned evil? And why does she hate Snow? What did Snow do to her? Here’s a preview.


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