Just wanted to give you guys an update on what’s going on with my life. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I have been working like crazy and so many tests coming up, it’s insane. I got a couple of trips lined up for me that I will be going soon and so excited for. This amazing weather we are having now is also giving me the ‘drop everything and go out and have fun’ kind of feeling.  I’ve also been doing a lot for myself and get things set for my fall classes set so I won’t have to worry about them during the summer.

Something with me is that having a lot going on and being busy always puts me in a better mood. Which is very odd, but it does. I like having days where I’m productive and have things to do. Even though some days I wish I had a day off and just go out and enjoy life, but I can’t because I have other priories. Things that I want in life right now are what I have myself focusing on and nothing else in the world matters. I won’t stop until I get it, no one will stop me!

It took me a long time to truly be happy. I use to show it and say I’m happy, but really wasn’t happy with anything. I didn’t know where my happiness stood and didn’t know where to look. Deciding to start a blog has put me in a place that I have never been. It’s a place I don’t have to worry what anyone things of me and can say whatever I feel like. Seeing that I can make someone else feel happy or giving advice to someone in another country just makes my day! I would never have guessed starting something so small like a blog would make me so happy and joy to life. I want to just share and connect with everyone in the world and make a difference in someone life. (:

That I had this blog for almost 4 months, it has made think differently about a lot of things and I have grown as a person. I hope I make a difference in your life and you become positive and look at life differently.

Once I found my happiness everything else became clear for me. I now know what I want to become and what kind of career path I want to take. I never looked at what others wanted me to or what directions others took or how much money I will be making. It is something I enjoy doing and it’s helping others. I don’t really want to say exactly what it is right now because it is still new to me and want to make sure this is exactly what I want.

If you are depressed or stuck in life write down all the things you like to do and find ways how you can make them work. Don’t do something you see everyone else doing or someone is doing, do something that will make you happy. Not everything for some and even if it brings happiness to someone doesn’t mean it will bring happiness to you. Go out and explore what you enjoy doing and try something you never done before because you never know if you like it until you try it. What are you waiting for??? Your happiness is calling your name, find it, grab it and never let it go.

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