The Good Wife S3E18- Gloves Come Off

What an amazing episode! The Good Wife never disappoints. This episode had everything, but nothing overdid it. The one thing I was a bit disappointed in was the Alicia and Tammy confrontation. I really thought Alicia would stepped up or done something to hurt Tammy, but nothing happened and was a bit boring. I am glad they didn’t do something over the top with it and hopefully this will be the last time we see Tammy.

My favorite scene was with Diane. She rocked this episode! First the whole three way call and love triangle she has going on, I just love. I’m glad she is going out and having some fun. Dates all weekend. lol I loved when Will was walking by her office and she was giggling. It brought me the  biggest smile and just how Diane is when she talks to Kurt or Jack. I hope we have more encounters of them. I also loved that Diane took charge and decided to give Alicia the bonus she deserves and not caring what anyone else has to say. I do see Alicia being a partner very soon.

Canning was back in this episode and the case for it was okay, I didn’t really care for it as much. It was about hockey and I love hockey which is weird why I didn’t care for it. Anyways, I was more excited about more Alicia and Canning encounters because it’s always the best. I do feel bad for Canning because he thinks he got played, but I do think Alicia was going to go work for him if Diane didn’t step up and give her the bonus. I know next time they see each other it won’t be pretty one bit. I’m excited for it.

Someone has been leaking that Will is helping out when he shouldn’t. Most suspicious goes to David Lee and Eli, but I don’t think it’s either of them. I believe it is Julius who is because he wants the header more than either of them. Also, it’s weird how anytime someone suggests something he thinks Will told them and gives him the look. Who do you think snitched on Will?!

Now lets talk about my favorite favorite scenes, yes I’m talking about the Kalinda and Alicia scenes. When Alicia turned down Kalinda my heart ached and said oh no not again. I didn’t want this to happen again. Then again I could see why Alicia would say that because things can’t just go back to normal, they need to fix it and talk things through. Also, they need to rebuild that friendship and it will take time. I had joy when Alicia finally went and talked to Kalinda and what should happen. I know Kalinda is hiding something, but not sure what it is exactly. Hopefully we find out soon. Do you think Kalinda will finally open up to Alicia and tell her what is going on? I really hope she does.

On a side-note, I am sick of them talking about Alicia maybe getting her old house back. I don’t understand why she would want to go to an old house and not move forward and have new memories with her kids. This just shows that she will go back to Peter and I don’t want that all. I will be very sad if she goes back to him. You can just tell she still has feelings for Will and he has feelings for her, but not doing anything about it.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? Next week we have the FBI lady back, I forgot her name, and also get Matthew Perry. Will be very interesting. The Good Wife never disappoints and each week it just gets better and better. Here is a promo for next week’s episode!



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