Once Upon A Time S1E16- Heart of Darkness

This was such a great episode. This week was all about Snow in fairytale and then Mary Margaret in Storybrooke. Which was great because I do love Ginnifer Goodwin. I did love that we got to see Red/Werewolf go into action, which was pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see more of Ruby/Red/Werewolf .

This leads off to where Snow drank the poison Rumplestiltskin gave her and he did say there is a price to it. She became a cold person and I can say I loved it. Snow being badass is just awesome. Snow now wants to go kill the Evil Queen and if she does, she will become just as evil as the Queen was. Charming is in the hunt to find her and of course he finds her, but the kiss didn’t work. Snow needs to remember who she is and once she does she will remember everything else. So I’m guessing that David needs to remember who he is and when he does, Mary Margaret and David will remember who they are.

Emma doesn’t believe Henry that Regina is behind this and that there is no proof. Henry talks to August and the conversation was crazy. Side-note In an interview I read that in this episode August added something in Henry’s book, when he fixed it he added that scene. I do wonder if Henry will ever notice it?! August does believe the book is real, but how and why?! Is he the author or is he the Grimm?! I just want to know, but also love seeing it unravel and the writers not just telling us exactly who he is. After Henry and August had that talk, Henry figured out by the keys his mother has and it does open Mary Margaret’s apartment and Emma believes Regina has something to do part of it. I don’t think Emma believes the book is real though, I think August is the going to be the one who changes her mind.

David goes to the therapist to get help on his memory. We now see David is mixing the real world and fairytale world up. Maybe if he keeps going to the therapist he will remember who he truly is and then can tell Mary Margaret and they can kiss and remember everything. What are your thoughts on this?! I do hate that David is accusing Mary Margaret on killing Katherine. Now that Katherine is dead does this mean she is dead in Storybrooke or did The Evil Queen took her heart in fairytale world? That’s something that has been on my mind when they found the heart.

I don’t know about you, but Rumplestiltskin and Mr. Gold are actually growing on me and think he is truly a good guy and not a bad guy. So Rumplstiltskin now has the poison to true love, I wonder that he uses it on or if he uses to his advantage when he gives a curse to Regina/Evil Queen. I believe that he has the upper hand on Regina, but she knows it and if he has Emma on his side they will break the curse and save everyone. Do you think Mary Margaret was kidnapped or did she escape?! I have a feeling she was kidnapped.

Next week’s episode we see Emma being kidnapped, but also see Mary Margaret tied up. What do you think will happen? Did you enjoy this episode? Here is a promo for next week’s episode! The Mad Hatter is in this episode, Alice in Wonderland. Guest stars Roger Daltrey and Sebastian Stan.


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