The Good Wife S3E17- Long Way Home

He’s Back! Yes, Colin Sweeney is back and creepier than ever. Even Eli noticed how creepy Colin is towards Alicia. So much happened during this episode outside of the courtroom. Alicia has 90 days to find a new house or buy her apartment. The price for her apartment is very high and expensive. She can’t afford it and started looking around.

Colin Sweeney was trying to get his share back from his company and as he was doing it a lady told him he had a child and she is suing him for child support and other things. This was a crazy court episode because both Colin Sweeney and the lady lied under oath. My favorite part was when Will stepped into the courtroom and Alicia had a moment. Can’t they just be together for good now?! I also did love that Will had Alicia’s back when Caitlin was talking and how she is going to court. In the end, Sweeney and the lady dropped the charges and are together and raising their baby together. I still don’t understand why she would want Sweeney’s kids, they didn’t have sex she planted them.

The scene I talked about last week that wasn’t aired was because it aired this week. So the promos are promos for this week and next, I don’t get it. Anyways, we finally figure out why Caitlin has been acting strange all this time and it’s because she is pregnant and has a fiance. I’m so shocked at both, one she always flirted with Will and never even said she was engaged or had a boyfriend, and two I thought she was being suspicious because she was trying to take down Alicia. The girl playing Caitlin is on another television show and the writers had to let her go. I’m glad her and Alicia did make peace and on good terms with things.

So this week Cary and Peter are at a crosswords on what to do. Peter fired someone in the office for sleeping with another co-worker and also in his office. Which is gross! I’m happy and surprised Cary stepped up and told him about Dana and him being together. Does this mean Cary is going back to Lockhart-Gardner?! It will be nice to see the nice Cary again and I do think he comes back. If you didn’t remember Kalinda and Cary do lock lips this season from the promos a while back and the background was an office of Lockhart-Gardner.

Next week’s episode deals with hockey and also Canning is back. That Alicia is in financial trouble does Alicia take Canning’s offer and go there?! Guess we will find out next week. Also, Tammy is back and taking the gloves off with Alicia, I hope Alicia throws punches and wins. Yet again, Alicia did win already.

Here’s a promo for next week’s episode!


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