Once Upon A Time S1E15- Red Handed

Every episode is so good and the writers are great, so many different turns and shockers! This was one of my favorite episodes of the season. It just blew my mind. I’ve been waiting for the story on Red/Ruby storyline for a while and so glad that they finally told the story. The biggest shocker of the season and biggest curve ball the writers have given me till this day. I’m still in shock.

Ruby quits working for her Granny at Granny’s restaurant and wants to run away and explore. Mary Margaret and Emma see her talking to Dr. Whale (yes he is finally back!) and they bring her into her home. Later Emma hires her as an assistant to answer the non emergency and also get her lunch. Ruby is a lost puppy and her self-esteem is low and doesn’t know what to do with her life.

In fairytale world Red and everyone has to stay inside from the wolf or they will be eaten alive. Red is in love and wants to run away with Peter. She is sick of Granny always keeping her inside and not be by the wolf. Red wants to get away from Granny because it’s like she can’t really breathe. When she finds Snow in the chicken head that is when they become best friends. I’ll come back to that. I thought and you probably thought the wolf was going to be Peter and Red would have to kill him. All the clues were towards him and it made sense. We were so wrong, not even close. Red turns into the werewolf at night and if she doesn’t have the red blanket thing she turns into the wolf and kills the people in her village. That was the biggest twist and most shocking thing I have ever watched and the writers did such a great job with it. I would have never thought of Red being the werewolf also, great storyline and can’t wait to know more.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma and Ruby go look for David and Ruby finds him in like 2 seconds and Emma is impressed. After she finds a heart that has Mary Margaret’s finger prints on there. I have my theories on who’s heart it could be, do you? Ruby was in a place that she got her self-esteem back, but didn’t like what she did and made up with Granny. That was a very touchy moment, I really liked it. Henry did say to Emma that Ruby is Little Red Riding Hood and she can help because she is good. Does Henry know that Ruby/Red is also the werewolf?!

Now that we know how Snow and Red became friends, do you think Snow is to protect Red that now Granny is probably captured by the mob and village people?! I believe Granny is captured and obviously not dead and Snow is protecting Red and now Red does know what she has to do to not turn into the wolf. Now that Mary Margaret is arrested because of the finger prints, do you think we find out that heart is not Katherine’s?! I believe that heart is actually the evil queen’s lover’s heart. That Storybrooke is fairytale world and that next week we see Snow wanting to kill the Evil Queen and Snow is still doesn’t remember anything from taking that poison a couple of weeks ago, that she kills her lover instead to hurt the Evil Queen. Next week we also see a scene in Granny’s that is now in Henry’s book that August put in. Do you think Henry will figure it out? Who do you think August is? I think he might be Grimm or even Henry’s books father.

Here’s is a promo for next weeks episode!


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