The Big Bang Theory S5E19- The Weekend Votex

This episode was all about Sheldon and Amy. Also, the guys playing video games for 48 hours straight. This episode actually funny parts in mostly every scene and not just one part. It wasn’t my favorite episode, but it still was good. It was better than last week’s episode for sure.

The guys decided to play video games for 48 hours straight of Star Wars online like the olden days and of course Sheldon was in. Of course though Amy had already told Sheldon about her grandma’s 93rd birthday and Sheldon doesn’t want to go and just wants to be with the guys and play star wars. Amy does tell Sheldon he can go and play with his friends and he goes, even though it really meant for Sheldon to be with Amy and forget about the game. They do work things out in the end and Amy gets coupons to be with Sheldon anytime she wants by using the coupons.

I’m liking the Penny and Leonard ‘Beta Test’ it is working very well for both of them. I do want to see more of screen time with both of them. This episode was an awesome app ‘Whip app’ and Howard first got it on Sheldon and only once. Sheldon got Howard after every time. My favorite was when Sheldon used it on Howard when Bernadette showed up at their gaming. I do feel bad for Raj, not having a girlfriend and everyone else is growing up and finding a girl. Raj will always be the guy who got a girlfriend after Sheldon Cooper. lol I do hope this season Raj actually will be able to talk to a girl without drinking. I want Penny to help him out that she has known him for so long. I do think it’s time for Raj to break out of his phobia.

That March madness is finally here, TBBT will be taking a break. I’m not sure exactly when it will come back, but won’t for another 2 weeks, maybe even more. What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? Are you bummed about no new episodes in a while?


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