Person of Interest S1E17- Baby Blue

I think I say this every week, but this week’s episode blew my mind! Person of Interest has become one of my favorite shows. So much went on tonight good and sad. Lets start with the number that spit out it was Leila a 6 month year old baby who was in a hospital with no records who the father and mother are. Finch stole the baby to protect her and did some digging and found out who the mother was. The baby was stolen by the ones trying to steal her and they couldn’t find her.

I do want to talk about Fusco before getting into Reese going to Elias for help. I feel bad for Fusco because it seems like he wants to be a good cop, but always has his hands in dirty water. I do think he is conflicted and will get out of the bad cops. The bad cops do work for Elias and Fusco is in the middle right now. When will Fusco talk to Carter about this, maybe she will help him out?!

Now that Reese did go to Elias for help to save this baby was shocking. I couldn’t believe he went to Elias and then tell him where Moretti is. I was kind of hoping Reese would keep his mouth shut and not tell him and get out safely. Guess I was wrong. Now that Elias has Moretti what do you think he will do to him? Kill him or be on his side?

What Carter said to Reese was straight on. He was in the wrong and turned his back on Carter who is sorta his partner. You always have a choice and Reese chose the wrong one. I do hope that Carter will still help and Reese builds up that trust with her again because I do like when they work together.

The season is very good and it just gets better each episode. I love the twists and turns the season has taken. I can’t wait to see what else could happen! Did you enjoy the episode? Do you think Carter will turn against Reese? Will Reese have a sit down with Carter and apologize for what he did?


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