Once Upon A Time S1E14- Dreamy

If you wanted the back story on the dwarfs, this is the episode you have waited for. I loved how they told the story about the dwarfs, especially that in Disney movies they never really say why they are dwarfs, why its only guys, and how they came together. It was a beautiful story written, great job writers! Everyone has a reason why they become mean and we see how Grumpy became Grumpy. The fariytale always gets my attention more and I just want more answers!

Lets talk about what is going on in Storybrooke. Leroy aka Grumpy meets Sister Astrid and falls for her. There is a fundraiser for the Miners Festival. Mary Margaret is the one selling candles and Leroy decides to help so Sister Astrid doesn’t get evicted from her house by Mr. Gold. That no one wanted to buy the candles that Mary Margaret is the town’s home wrecker and Leroy the town’s drunk, Leroy took it in his own hands and had a fuse to the electricity. He saves the day and sells every single candle and gets his special moment.

As for David, things are getting worse for him. He is the suspect of Katherine missing, even though it’s Regina who is behind this. The thing I don’t understand is how can Emma say she knows when someone is lying, but hasn’t noticed Sidney is lying to her. When will she find out?! I just want her to, so she can play with Sidney and Regina and screw both of them up. Hopefully next week we get to see what happened to Katherine because I’m dying to know!

Back to Fairytale land. Grumpy was born as Dreamy and he was happy and joyful on life. Fairytale dust hit his egg right before he was hatched. Of course, he falls in love with Nova (the fairy who drops the fairy dust). I knew that Dreamy would turn into Grumpy from this. My favorite scene was with Emilie De Ravin. Her wise words to Dreamy to go after his love and I was happy that he went after his heart; sadden when he got stopped and knew that he wasn’t going to leave. Nova was so devastated. I do wonder though, that dwarfs can’t love does that mean Leroy can never love?! I did love the Leroy and Mary Margaret scenes together, hope they have more.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? I can’t wait to see what happens next, especially more on the dwarfs and even Leroy. Next week is all about Red Riding Hood, which I can’t wait. Have been waiting for that storyline for a long time. Who do you think the wolf is?

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