How I Met Your Mother S7E18- Karma

This episode was not what I would expect would happen. Seems like they are cramming everything that they only have until season 8 to tell the story, which I think they should have until season 10 because so much needs to happen before then. I’m so over Ted crying over Robin, they need to stop with that because they will never be together. Can Robin’s t-shirt guy come in the picture already! (if you don’t remember it’s the guy that Robin meets when Ted buys his red boots and future Ted says they date or get engaged!) I hate that every character is taking a step forward, except for Robin who is taking steps back.

I like the Quinn and Barney storyline, but feel like it’s too much. They are a perfect match, it just seems like Barney is trying way too hard for impress Quinn when Quinn likes him too. I do want Barney and Robin to be together in the end, just not right now. Robin needs to find herself again and move forward in her life and have a stable life again.

A lot of this storyline is pointless, but some do go together with the other storylines. I just hope the writers know what they are doing and don’t ruin it. The whole Marshall and Lilly not liking the suburbs was over played. More than half of the season they were complaining about being so far away and waited this long for them to move back home. I do hope the rest of the season is good and has more laughs, as this season I had more cries than laughs.


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