The Big Bang Theory S5E18- The Werewolf Transformation

What a great episode to know more about why Sheldon is Sheldon! It had a few funny parts, but not as funny as last weeks episode. This episode was for the most part of Sheldon’s hair and how his hair dresser was in the hospital. Sheldon was late on his haircut and that he was late, thought of everything he had to do on time was a waste of time. Doing everything on exact time is what Sheldon had always known and doing that made the world go round, but as one thing didn’t go as planned he decided that everything he does is pointless.

The other storyline was on Howard being in Texas, training before he goes to space. Howard was having a bad experience and Bernadette felt horrible. Every time they would skype, he looked horrible and requested more underwear. When Bernadette surprised him at his hotel, you hear Howard’s mom in the background. Not a surprise, he is a mama’s boy. That part was funny, especially seeing Bernadette’s face when she found out his mom was with him.

What did you think of the episode? I am loving that there are new episodes every week and it just gets better and better. They are not wasting any time.

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