Pretty Little Liars S2E21- Breaking The Code

The episodes are just getting better and better. I don’t know what to think anymore! One thing I really want to know is why is A getting to Mona now?! This storyline is going to get good. I didn’t like Mona at all, but after this episode I feel for her. I’m glad the girls let her be with them and not have her deal with A all alone. I do think Wilden will be with the girls now, that A got that file. He will find out soon.

Many old faces have came back to Rosewood. Let’s start with Paige. New duo, about time, and she came out to her parents. So proud. I didn’t like how she was bashing Maya when Emily was hurt. She should of been positive. I’m glad Emily told her, that must be tough for Paige for her first rejection.

Melissa is back and it just gets juicer. I couldn’t believe she went in the car with Garrett, what is going there?! I can’t wait to see what she has to tell Spencer. You can just tell its been eating her up. What’s up with Melissa in the video? The group wanted to hide something from her. I do believe Melissa is in danger and got way too deep with everything and needs help.

I said from day one Ella was going to come around to Ezria and she did. She wants to understand everything and be open. Even though I’m sick of this couple because they are just boring, I’m happy Aria can go to her mom now instead keeping it a secret. Wonder how Byron will react to this? Won’t look too good. Ella is now onto A and glad she is noticing something isn’t right. Why is it only Ella noticing it and speaking up? Even though we do see Ashley keep asking questions and trying to figure it out.

Who saw that Melissa worked at the law firm as an intern?! I didn’t, but this what the group wanted an inside job, right? They needed people from everywhere to do things and never get caught. Which makes sense. I want to know more!

What was your favorite scene? What do you think Melissa wants to tell Spencer? Next week is the father-daughter dance and we know that’s going to be good. As all the girls are not on good terms with their dads.


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