The Good Wife S3E15- Live From Damascus

Oh how much I have missed The Good Wife! Not liking the 2 weeks hiatus. This episode was great. I liked it all. Something is up with Caitlin and she’s hiding something, but have no clue what it could be. I wonder if she’s going to stab Alicia or trying to get her job! Hopefully Kalinda is on it and finds out before its too late.

I’m so heartbroken on Will. 6 months of no law sucks. What will Will do from that time off? How will Lockhart and associates work without Will?! I really hope that something happens and Will comes back to work. In the previews for 2 weeks shows Julas is already asking for Will’s office. I do think Diane will ask Alicia to be part of the partnership for good!

I love the Alicia and Will scenes they are my favorite. I really wanted Alicia to hug Will after he told her he was going to off a job for 6 months. Maybe they can be together again?! This will have time for him to see his ex gf, Tammy and his sisters.

Alicia taking care of Kalinda’s file. I wonder what it contains. Will this bring Alicia and Kalinda back to the friendship in season 1 and 2? I hope so. I really don’t know what to expect, but it also doesn’t sound too good. Can’t wait to know more about this.

The case this week was good, but didn’t really catch my eye. I feel horrible for Kalinda’s friend who died for her. So sad. Happy with the outcome of the guys sister. I did love the judge, he’s one of my favorites!

Did you enjoy the episode? What do you think of Caitlin? What are in those files? How long do you think Will can stay away from the law?

Preview for 2 weeks from now episode!


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