Once Upon A Time S1E13- What Happened to Fredrick?

What an episode! So many ups and downs. I don’t even know where to begin. So much happened that I’m still wrapping everything around. I hate that David is not listening to his heart and being such a douche bag. So happy Mary Margaret stood by her grounds and finally broke it off with David. I do want them to be together, but not right now. I really want David to remember he’s Charming/James first and figure out who he truly wants.

I think this episode I hate Regina the most. I wanted to just slap her in the face. What she did pissed me off. The keys Emma found a couple of weeks ago are the keys to every house to every story in Storybrooke. Can’t believe it. She really is an evil witch. I really want her to be put in her place!

Anyone notice Catherine bumping into her love aka Fredrick in fairytale. I noticed right when he came free it all made sense. I do want to know what happened to Catherine’s body. Of course Regina had to do something about it. I hate that Catherine told Regina everything before she left. Screamed at the screen when that happened. Will Fredrick find Catherine? I hope so, then it will be true love and a great storyline.

My heart was pouring to Mary Margaret. She knew not to go after David because she knew she was going to get hurt, but did anyways. I hope she recovers and starts to have this bond with Emma and more screen time together. I just hope she doesn’t fall back into the doctors arms. (Even though I’m convinced the doctor is the werewolf!)

Lastly, lets talk about August. I still believe he is the writer of the book, but don’t really get what he was doing to the book! Anyone get what he was doing? I wonder if he changed the book or made a different book. I wonder if he wrote the book if he’s in the book and that’s why he came back because he knows the curse has been broken.

What did you think of the episode? What are you looking forward to? Do you think Emma should trust August?

Preview on next episode!


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2 responses to “Once Upon A Time S1E13- What Happened to Fredrick?”

  1. Nichole says :

    Although it looks like he was preserving it, I think August dipped all the pages in the well water. Not sure why – maybe to see where it ended up?

    • valtastic says :

      I didn’t even think of that! Maybe dipping the water because it’s magic water and if the pages are dipped in magic water the pages will come alive or people will find what they lost, which is their memory!

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