The Big Bang Theory S5E17- The Rothman Disintegration

One of the funniest episodes I have watched in a long time. This episode was my favorite episode of the season. I was dying of laughter the entire episode. Every scene was funny. Sheldon and Kripke wanted the new office and decided to have a basketball tournament. It’s hilarious seeing physicists playing basketball, they have no idea what they were doing. Sheldon when he about to shoot for the free throw ‘Sheldon be the force’ and nothing. Of course after 45 minutes Leonard said who ever throws the ball the highest wins. It was Sheldon who threw the ball, but did he? He got the new office.

Amy just got creepier this episode. We know she has a crush on Penny, but after all this time being friends can it end already?! Amy gets Penny a huge picture frame of them together. Very weird and creepy. I loved Penny’s reaction to the picture. I died laughing when I saw it. I actually rewatched twice. Such a great scene! Then when Bernadette saw it I died again. The whole scenes with the painting I was laughing so hard.

This was such a great episode. So much laughter in a half hour! What we your favorite scene? Did you enjoy the episode?


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