Pretty Little Liars S2E20- CRTL A

One of the best episodes of the season! So much happened and it looks like everything is finally falling into place. Except poor Emily. What is up with Maya? Something isn’t adding up right, but can’t put my finger to what it is. I hope we find out next episode!

Holden finally opens up to Aria and tells her what he does when they go on ‘a date’. My heart raced when Byron got that note from A. That was a close one. I’m so glad Aria followed Holden and seen what he did, even though I knew she was going to do that. When Ezra saw Byron at the restaurant, I hoped Byron didn’t see him. Now I do wonder, has Ezra been thinking that Byron knows they are sneaking around together? What will happen? The sneak peek shows that Ella is suspicious about A with these notes and will look into it and find who this A person is. I’m glad her parents are figuring this out because it shows the parents are not that clueless about it.

Caleb got in a lot of trouble with his camera thanks to A. I was worried that he might get in a lot of trouble, but Hanna/Spencer came to the rescue. I’m so glad they deleted those files right on time. A was clever with the Hefty folder. I loved Garrett’s face when they didn’t find anything.

Let’s talk about Vivian! How did Alison find all that money? And did she get killed because she found out who A was? She hired someone do the job and she owes him 2,000 dollars. Will Spencer get the 2,000 from Jason that Ali had in the box? Will Jason help Spencer out? I think he will and we will find out more about the group.

Did you enjoy this episode? What do you think will happen next? Have you got eyes on who A might be?


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