The Big Bang Theory S5E16- The Vacation Solution

What a great episode this was. Great bounce back from last week’s episode. This week was all about Sheldon going on vacation and of course Sheldon doesn’t want a ┬ávacation, just want to work. So he decides to go work with his girlfriend, Amy, at the biology lab. We find out Sheldon is terrified of blood and faints instantly when he sees it. Which was pretty funny.

Bernadette’s dad wants Bernadette to get a Prenup before she marries Howard, that she makes way more money than him. Howard is hurt and decides to talk to her father and see they don’t need a prenup. As soon he said that, Bernadette gives him a huge list of what not to do. Howard is terrified (who wouldn’t be) so he suggests to have the conversation when he is in space. So funny so he knows he’s safe.

This episode was good, not the best, but had lots of laughs. I do want to see Raj with a girl or him finally talking to a girl when he is sober. I actually want him to start talking to Penny being sober and then work his way up.


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