Person of Interest S1E13- Root Cause

Just when I thought POI couldn’t get any better it did. This episode is my favorite episode. It just blew my mind. There is someone out there who is smarter than Finch? Is that even possible? What does this mean for Finch and Reese?

Reese is in the middle of dealing with a guy to stay away from his wife as a new number spit out. The number was a guy who looked like he had the perfect life, but instead struggling to find a job and put food at the table. As the guy is framed for killing the mayor.

The storyline was amazing. I’m loving the new route they are going and don’t think they will ever have just one storyline. Some girl hacked into Finch’s computer and make sure that number spit?! How interesting. Who is this lady and I wonder if Finch knows or has an idea who it could be. I can’t wait to have more of this.

I loved that Zoe was back. Her and Reese need to get together already. The chemistry is sky rocketing through the roof. Now Reese go buy Zoe a drink! Go now!

Now not only do Reese and Finch have to stop Elias ad find him, they also got this computer girl and probably an ally. Not to mention the numbers that spit out. I can’t wait to see what unfolds and what’s next. Is it me or is the FBI dude that was interrogating the guy and wife the guy that killed the mayor? I swear I think it was him.

Did you enjoy the episode as much as I did? What are your theories on the competition? What do you think will happen next?


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