Pretty Little Liars S2E17- A Kiss Before Lying

This was the episode I did not see coming. So much has happened and so many secrets revealed. Let’s begin with the I.D. Picture Caleb and the girls found. I wonder why Alison used a different I.D. and why she thought it was fun? Something doesn’t add up. I believe Alison used the I.D. because she didn’t want A to follow her and was getting away from A!

The club Garrett, Jenna, Ian, and Jason in is crazy. It looks like Ian and Jenna both ran the club as Jason and Garrett just went along with it. My theory on the group is that Jason was never really involved that Ian and Jenna used Jason to get closer to Alison! For Jason it was more of getting wasted and high; never really knowing what the group was really doing. As we saw when the group had meeting Jason wasn’t there. Was he ever at any of the meetings?

What was up with Maya at the dinner? For a minute I thought she was high or something. Even though she was mad at Pam for taking her to True North, she shouldn’t treat her like that. It was disrespectful and rude. I’m glad Emily finally told Maya she has a problem with her dating guys. I do wonder if her ‘stalker’ will be coming to Roseville soon and stir up more drama. I also want Samara to come back. That will be juicy.

My favorite scene was with Aria and Holden. I like how they both don’t want to tell their secrets or tell one another their dates bailed. I loved when they played air hockey together. I really want to know how Holden got hurt like that and what he does when they are on ‘a date.’ Something tells me that a family member hits him or he’s with the wrong gang.

Now to the Hanna and Kate. I feel so bad for Hanna. It seems like A only tortures Hanna like this and always the one who has it worse. I hate that Kate is in Rosewood and making things so much harder for Hanna. On top of that Kate is now an easy target for A and Hanna has yet another person to protect. I do see Hanna and Kate bonding soon. I feel so bad for Hanna and the girls lying to her, but glad she found out and she knew a lot about the I.D. Is it me or does Hanna know more about Alison’s secrets than the girls?

I loved how Caleb wants to protect Hanna and the girls, but has no idea what he’s getting himself into. I hope A doesn’t target him next. One of my favorite scenes was when Hanna told Caleb about her mom stealing the money. Glad she finally told someone. I do hope Hanna does tell Caleb a little more about A so he is aware what is going on. I do believe with his help they figure out who A is.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? Do you think Kate and Hanna will talk things through and be close? It shows Jason will be back finally next week, what do you think will happen?


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