The Big Bang Theory S5E14- The Beta Test Initiation

This week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory left off what happened last week. Leonard and Penny going on a date. Finally a couple again! A lot of people are sick of them together, but honestly I love them together. Not only are they funnier, but happier; and Leonard isn’t annoying! The both want to take things slow, so do a Beta Test. Penny gets her list first and isn’t happy about it and when Leonard gets his he isn’t happy as well. I absolutely loved that Leonard took Penny to a gun range for a date. So romantic. Well until Leonard shot himself and sent to the hospital. They are perfect for each other! Penny hid Leonard’s socks when they got to the hospital.

I creepiest/funny scenes were with Raj and his phone ‘Siri.’ Finally Raj can talk to a girl and not be drunk. Of course the relationship went by fast and it was kind of creepy, falling in love with the voice over on your phone. I loved when Bernadette face expressions. The relationship ended with Raj having a nightmare that he finally met Siri and the cat had his tongue.

Now to Dr. Cooper and his ‘Fun with Flags’ verbal sensation. I died of laughter when I saw Sheldon with a straight face talking about how fun and interesting maps are. Every time something didn’t go right and had to redo from the beginning. He does get distracted quickly and of course needs to have everything perfect. Of course, Amy was his sidekick and was even dressed up as a pretzel.

Overall, this episode was hilarious! I even loved when Kripke was there. What did you think of the episode? Do you want Penny and Leonard back together?

Want to note that TBBT did beat American Idol again on 18-49 demo, from 5.6 TBBT and 4.8 AI. Also, beat AI by total viewers as AI had 15.46 mil and TBBT 15.96 mil. Congrats TBBT


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One response to “The Big Bang Theory S5E14- The Beta Test Initiation”

  1. Eye Floaters says :

    Best singer ever, enough said!

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