Once Upon A Time S1E10- 7:15am

This is the episode I’ve been waiting for. My favorite characters on every other scene made my day! Of course I’m talking about Snow/Mary Margret and Charming James/David. I loved how every morning at 7:15am Mary Margret went to Granny’s to just see David as he gets coffee for himself and his wife. I giggled and smiled when David goes to Granny’s at 7:15am to just catch a glimpse of Mary Margret. So cute!

I just feel so bad for Mary that she sees David and how painful it is, but still does want to see him. She’s so inlove and it sucks he choice Katherine over her. It was more painful to run into Katherine and see that she might be pregnant that she bought a pregnancy test. As much as these two want to fall out of love, all they do is think about each other. Can they already be together for good? They try and avoid each other and don’t go to Granny’s at 7:15, but go at 7:45 and run into each other. That has to be fate right? I loved their kiss, but Regina ruined it. I kind of wish it was Katherine who saw that, so they would be over for good.

To Snow and Charming(James). Snow not giving up on love was incredible and I love that’s how she met Grumpy. After she got caught sneaking around and put in jail. Stealthy to the rescue. Stealthy was the 8th dwarf, but got killed by one of the guards when Grumpy and Stealthy and Snow were escaping. So sad! Snow saved Grumpy and he ran away. I was heartbroken at what the King told Snow she had to break Charming’s heart or he dies. I cried when I saw Charming cry.

Snow did go to Rumplestiltskin and got a poison to forget Charming all together. I thought she wouldn’t use it that we already did see they did get married. It was so cute how the 7 dwarfs came and saved Snow. My favorite line was from Grumpy, he said ‘I like my pain. I need my pain. It makes me who I am.’ Just wow and amazing. I was sadden when Grumpy came and told Snow that Charming didn’t get married and he’s still her Prince, but she drank the poison and doesn’t know who he is. *Sad Face* The question I have, is how does Charming have Snow fall in love with him again? What happened on the wedding day? Also, doesn’t the king know Snow is a princess, her father was a King?

Now let’s go to what is going on in Storybrooke. The mystery man is in town and he is a writer. We don’t anything else about him, except he owes Emma a drink. I have a lot of theories who this mystery guy could be. I do want him to be Rumplestiltskin’s son, but don’t really think it could be him even though the age does fit him. I do believe he is the writer of Henry’s book and wants to finish the book or have like a sequel in a way, like have Emma be in the fairytale storyline. I heard the character Regina did say that Sherlock Holmes will be coming to Storybrooke soon, could it be him? Who do you think this mystery writer is? And what is he doing in Storybrooke?


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