The Big Bang Theory S5E13- The Recombination Hypothesis

What an awesome episode! It took me a minute to realize what just happened and it was very clever. It was one of my favorite episodes. This episode did bring back the very first episode as Penny was wearing the same shirt she did when Leonard first saw her and gazed at her. The twist was cool and very different. Leonard does over think and over analyze everything and needs to take risks. I was getting annoyed with Leonard, but this episode I adored him and was happy old Leonard was back.

Even though this episode was all about Leonard and Penny, my favorite scenes were with Sheldon. The whole game with Raj and Howard were hilarious, I died every time. I even had to re-watch that part and laugh again. Yes it was dirty, but how Sheldon is so clueless and he a genius.

Are you happy with the episode? What do you think of Leonard and Penny getting back together? After this episode, I want Leonard and Penny back together. They are perfect for each other and what’s life without taking risks?! I truly can’t wait for next week’s episode. Do you think Penny will finally tell the guy that her and Raj didn’t have sex with each other?

Congrats with TBBT on their 100th episode! You writers and producers and everyone that works there had a great 100 episodes can’t wait for another 1,000 episodes! Also, congrats to TBBT for winning American Idol for the first time in history in the category 18-49 ages by .5 such a great accomplishment.


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