Chuck S5E10- Chuck vs The Family Drama

What a crazy episode. I still can’t believe chuck only has one episode before the 2 hour series finale. ;/ this season just gets better and better. So much has gone on that you can’t believe it’s all going to end. Stupid NBC for canceling such a great show!

Anyways back to this episode. Jeff and Lester actually figured out that the team are spies, but Casey kept giving them gas that will have them forget everything. Every time that failed until the ending when they finally did it right and no more of Jeff and Lester following the team. That they believe they figured out they are not spies and go to Vegas with Big Mike.

This episode was when Morgan had the intersect and didn’t remember what happened during that month. Morgan ran into super spy Bo Derek and she is Chuck’s as Sarah would say ‘girlfriend’. The gang figures out Bo actually is working for someone who was in the CIA that wants the intersect, captures Jerk Morgan, and Morgan takes the glasses and hides them in a vault. Of course it was in the Buy More and in Colorado.

I love how Casey cares so much for Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan. Right before Sarah put on the glasses, Casey screams don’t do it Walker. Now Sarah has the intersect, Chuck is captured, and Quinn is on the loose. I guess when the gang said to Sarah never say One last mission. Now that Sarah has the intersect is she going to go and save Chuck or not care for him anymore? In the previews it shows that the side effects are kicking in and it looks like she is going to die, but the writers won’t do that would they? I mean Chuck and Sarah need to be together! What did you think of the episode?


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