Person of Interest S1E11- Super

What a great episode to comeback to. The episode left off exactly were we left off and that’s with Reese injured and need medical help! Finch was there for the rescue and helped a doctor who needed to be a doctor again, you can trust tell how much Reese means to Finch. I loved the whole switching places for a day that Reese is injured. Can give both sides how the other works and what exactly they do. I think they both have a better understanding.

Going back in time of Finch’s past and his partner Nathan and how everything was good! I still wonder what happened, in the end Nathan did seem like he didn’t trust the computer as much or maybe something else. Did anyone else notice how Weeks is a threat to the system. I did see people say it was Nathan, but if you re-watch it, it’s actually says Weeks. I can’t wait to get more details on that and what happened. Also, how Finch got hurt and what went wrong! It’s going to be good and interesting.

The number that spit out this week was a maintenance man Mr. Trask aka Batista from Dexter. So weird to see him on the show because I only see him as Batista. Finch and Reese don’t know why it spit out and find out he was stalking a lady who was staying at the hotel, but later find out he was actually helping her. She had a stalker and he tried to get the stalker to leave her alone. Reese was there for the rescue! I don’t know about you, but what Reese did was sexy. I never seen a crippled man kick ass with crutches like that. As for the CIA trying to find Reese and kill him, I believe they are gone for a while and won’t come back.

Now I was wondering who is Carter working for, who’s side is she on. As Finch helped her find out what they do without saying a word, I believe she will start working with them. She will ask questions like how they know just like how we want answers, but do believe she will work with them. I do wonder if Carter and Reese will have a relationship of one short, I do think they will. It will be interesting to see how the show will go from here. I’m already hooked and can’t wait for more. What do you believe will happen?!


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