Pretty Little Liars S2E15- A Hot Piece of A

This is the episode I have been waiting for. I did have doubt in PLL, but this episode changed my mind on that. So much going on and all key things that we would need to know who A is. Seems like were so close, but a long way to go to figuring out who A is. I loved how Caleb was asking Hanna if it’s okay to help the girls out, even though Hanna wasn’t comfortable in it. I don’t like that they are fighting over this and hope that Hanna does tell Caleb what is going on. I really had my hopes up on when the girls had A’s phone and thought they would find some phone calls from Jenna or Garrett.

Lucas is just creepy and I can’t stand him. I do believe he was the helper for A that he knew Spencer’s house like the back of his hand. It was scary the way he looked at Emily too, gave me the chills. The whole Jenna and Garrett fighting is weird, I just want more. Why are they fighting and what are they fighting about? I always thought Garrett was using Jenna, but now I believe Jenna was using Garrett. I also want to know what happened to Jason and where he is.

The new guy that is now in Aria’s life, forgot his name is so pointless. Are Aria and Ezra broken up or what? I do know that Aria is going to use this guy to see Ezra. I’d rather see Aria with Jason because there chemistry was amazing and this new guy is just boring! Very creepy how Jenna went to Philly and the girls found out that A was in Spencer’s house, cottage and has been living there. Oh and that A goes to Philly to purchase things. Was Jenna going to Philly to meet up with A?!

What happened to Melissa she has disappeared and want to see more of her. What was up with Mona and Noel taking that dip at night? I feel like it was suspicious, especially how they went when Lucas and Hanna went out. I do believe A helped Lucas get out and don’t understand what is wrong with Lucas. What did you think of the episode?


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