The Good Wife S3E12- Alienation of Affection

Wow! What a great way to start an episode in a new year! This is one of my favorite episodes from the good wife. Just blown me away! From the first 5 minutes of the episode of Diane at the art show until the last 5 minutes of the episode with Diane being the mother and David Lee and Eli Gold being little kids. The lawsuit was good and different. Instead of Lockhart/Gardner fighting for others, they were fighting for themselves on something that happened 3 years ago. Did anyone else love the scene when David Lee walked in with that suite? I can’t imagine how I could keep a straight face in that room. When Alicia heard Will say that he was being investigated from Wendy Scott-Carr I was so happy that Alicia finally knows something is going on. I was hoping Will was going to tell Alicia everything, but now I want Kalinda to tell her and they work together to get rid of her.

I thought the lawsuit was ridiculous and thought they were going to lose. Seeing how Alicia didn’t remember what happened to that one paper was hard to watch, especially when she put all the blame on to herself. I did like how Kalinda was the one that was there to help Alicia. I loved when she asked Alicia the questions and she kept saying I don’t remember and Kalinda said I’ll take that as a yes. When the guy that served the papers had a crush on Diane was cute and happy he actually helped the firm out. Diane does love strong men.

The Eli vs David Lee was good and the equity partners arguments was just great. Eli being a little baby about everything and not being a partner at all just annoys me! I can’t wait until he leaves. Or at least have him actually start being a partner instead of just walking around and being a loner.

Did anyone else like Cary in this episode? I couldn’t stand Cary, but seeing him in this episode and actually be nice and helping the firm was kind of shocking. This is the Cary I have missed. I adored the Alicia and Cary moment, maybe things do really change. Maybe Cary will help Will and have Wendy lose. Last but not least, I am so glad Will chose Elsbeth Tascioni as his lawyer. She is my favorite and does her job so well.


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