Desperate Housewives S8E10- What’s to Discuss, Old Friend?

Oh how much I’ve missed Desperate Housewives! Since the last episode I was dying to know what was going to happen. I knew that Renee was going to save Bree and I’m glad she did and happy Bree has someone to talk to. I don’t understand why Renee is letting Bree drink like that, does she know she was an alcoholic? When will the girls see Bree is hurting? Will Bree tell Renee what is going on? I hope she does.

I loved that Tom was there for Lynette and just want them back together already. How she told him to go to Paris with his girlfriend was a big step and was great for her and that she just wants him happy. I do believe in the next couple of episodes, well when Tom gets back from Paris(if he goes) will realize he wants Lynette and no one else.

What the hell is wrong with Carlos?! My jaw dropped when the cop said he wanted to confess and said what he did. Good thing Gabby and Carlos played that off(not). Carlos really needs help especially that he was so hammered and doesn’t remember anything that happened. Do you think Carlos ran over Chuck? I don’t think he did, or any of the men. I believe it was an outsider.

Now to the whole letter thing! WOW!!! I couldn’t believe it. The letter person killed Chuck, which I don’t understand. They first threatened Bree they were going to tell and then when Chuck was so close, kill him. I’m confused on that. I do wonder who the person is. I have a feeling it’s Mrs. McCluskey. I mean she has been in the lane her whole life and seen a lot of things and knows so much. Who do you think it is? We do know that Orson, Katherine, and Julie are coming back soon and I can’t wait for that.

The last thing is about the Susan thing! Why is she going to Oklahoma to get answers? I think she’s going to blow her image when she gets down there. I also, feel like once she does go down there she will notice his family doesn’t miss him because he was a bad man and are relieved he hasn’t comeback. Susan has been getting on my nerves lately, all the whining and depression is too much. I do wish Mike was more supportive then telling her to grow a pair and get over it. Then again Susan really needs to.


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