Chuck S5E9- Chuck vs. the Kept Man

This season of Chuck has been great! So sad that it will be ending. This episode was one of my favorites. Just thinking Sarah could be pregnant put a smile on my face. I was hoping that she was. Hoping she will before the finale. (: I do love how Casey has a girlfriend and he doesn’t really know how to be a boyfriend and he doesn’t, but then he does. I didn’t get the whole Miami trip if it was really a vacation or spy work.

My favorite scenes were with Jeff and Lester! The whole thing how Sarah and Casey are spies and Morgan tried to distract them with Mr. Awesome. The whole plan was great, I really liked it. I just hated how in the end Jeff and Lester did see the base. I don’t want them to know anything and hope they wake up thinking it’s a dream or something.

I also hope Sarah and Chuck do quit the spy life and have a normal life. Only because Sarah never had a normal life and can be a mom. I am sad that NBC is cancelling the show. It’s one of my favorite shows and the cast is amazing. I am glad they are giving them a final season instead of just cancelling, did wish it was a full season not just 13 episodes.


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