How I Met Your Mother S7E13- Tailgate

What a great way to come back after the holidays. Last episode of HIMYM was so sad, I cried. I couldn’t wait for this episode. I loved ‘Puzzles’ and how quickly it went from the best idea to bad. I love when Barney and Ted work together. The song made my day. (The link will be under here)!

On to Marshall and his bonding with his father! I thought it was really sweet and loved the ending when Marshall shared with everyone there. The fights he had with his brothers, didn’t do anything for me, kind of a wast of time. When Lily called her father to tell him she’s pregnant and not caring broke my heart. I felt so sad for Lily. When her dad was at the door with the bear, I cried. It was so sweet and a big AWE!

Lastly, I want to say Sandy Rivers made this episode. Every scene he had was hilarious and I loved it. I’m glad Robin finally got her big break.

It was a good episode. I can’t wait for what the rest of the season holds. I do want more Lily and Robin time, seems like they barely have girls night anymore. Or Lily and Marshall time. Anyone else sick of Kevin? I can’t stand him and just want him to leave, he’s not funny and is useless.

Puzzles Theme Song!


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