Dexter S6E12- Electric Chair

As the season has come to an end and now got to wait another 9 months until the show comes back. What a cliffhanger we had this season. I liked how this season was different from the other seasons and not the same thing as the other seasons. I really liked this season, but the season finale was dull and boring until the last 5 min of the episode. I wanted more to happen and not just the police department trying to find Travis and Dexter looking for him. It was just boring. The writer’s could have done a better job. There isn’t much to talk about the episode that nothing really happened.

Travis thought Dexter was dead so he kidnaps Harrison for the sacrifice that the eclipse was going to happen. Turns out Travis finds out Dexter is alive and can’t kill Harrison that he isn’t dead. Travis and Dexter fight on the roof and find out Dexter wins.

Later Debra and the police force go to the roof and see no Travis, but just his things, as always. Deb feels shes going to get fired. I know it’s boring, I knew this was going to happen and wish they didn’t have to show it all and just do other scenes, but the scenes got worst.

The most interesting scene from the whole episode was the last 5 minutes, which of course was when Dexter has Travis in his kill room and of course it’s at the church. Travis and Dexter talk before he kills Travis, as he always does! Right when Dexter kills Travis you see Debra standing there seeing what Dexter is and what he is doing. The ending blew my mind. The last episode Debra is in love with Dexter and blah blah blah, but what does this mean now?! That she sees he’s a killer does she protect him and be by his side or turn him in? I hate that we have to wait 9 months until we know what is going to happen to Dexter and Deb. Personally, I think Deb won’t be happy at first and be angry, but after she sleeps on it she will come around and notice everything, like putting the pieces together!

What did you think of the finale of Dexter? Or this season? Did you like it or not? This was one of my favorite seasons, by the way it was going I thought it would be my favorite, but my favorite is season 1 then season 4 and then this one. Next season does look like it will be good by how this season ended.


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