The Good Wife on Sunday nights

It’s seems like everyone who watches the Good Wife complains that the show is on Sunday nights instead of Tuesday(it’s original day) and say CBS is gambling a bad choice and it’s risky! Or that the competition is on Sunday the show might get cancelled soon. Honestly, for me I think it’s a smart move CBS is doing. On Tuesday of course the show will win out that night with the most viewers because there isn’t competition that night. On Sunday, a lot of shows are on at 9pm for example, Desperate Housewives. Even though football has kind of ruin some ratings for the show, every week it has won from any show that came out at 9pm(well the big four channels) besides football. When the show comes back there won’t be anymore football and that means no distractions, moreviewers, and getting the numbers up! Everyone who watches the show, says this is a death row CBS is doing to The Good Wife, but to me, I see it as a smart move and sees who is a true fan! From how the show is now, I think it will do well the rest of the season!

People need to stop complaining on the time slot, get over it! CBS is not going to change it because you are crying about it! They didn’t change it because they thought it would ruin our lives, but that Sunday is the most competitive night for television. Why not test out how well a show is on the most competitive night of television! I look forward to Sunday nights because for one it’s a day to relax and just catch up, and two a night to sit and watch tv. Glad the show is on hiatus only because the complaining of people that the show is running late because of football. I mean, yea it sucks, but it’s not going to last long! When the show comes back, football will be over! So people complaining about the time slot, the night it comes on, or whatever it is SUCK IT UP! It’s the best show on television and that’s why you, yes YOU haven’t stopped watching it yet! Complaining won’t change anything.




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